5 Things to say Goodbye in 2018

VR Overlords December 31, 2017 0
5 Things to say Goodbye in 2018

Here we go again, “New Year, New You”! Sounds nice, until you remember your list is the same as it was last year and the year before, etc. This year, I resolve not to have a resolution,  and I am totally okay with that, I know there are things that I need to work on and maybe not writing it down will give the opposite effect.

There are some things that aren’t working or just cluttering, worthy of giving it a quick and simple solution.

1 – Checking your phone right before bed and as soon as you wake up.


You’ll sleep so much better after kicking this habit and if you can’t sleep, grabbing your phone is the worst thing to do. If you are like me and need to keep your phone handy for work or family, try amping the ringer and move it as far as possible from the bed; otherwise turn off your phone.


2 – Get rid of those outdated, unused electronics


We are all guilty of this, we upgrade our phone  and keep the old or store that old laptop because we feel guilty throwing it away. Get rid of the clutter. Here are some tips on how to recycle your electronics. How many times have you looked for cables and chargers but were not sure which device they belong to, label all your wires or use washi tape to keep track of what’s what.


3 – Trash all expired makeup, creams and medicine


I don’t even know where to begin, grab your 16 oz of java and head to the bathroom along with your makeup bag and all other travel bags that have your items and start the purge.  Before you make a pact with yourself to use all this lovely makeup that cost a small fortune…not so fast.                                     Basic skin creams, lotions, essence, eye creams, sun creams and sunscreens have a shelf life of: before opening 30 months after opening 12 months.

Dispose of all expired medication, never throw it down the toilet or drain, here are some tips:


If there are a lot or you are not sure, put all medications in a bag and call your local pharmacy and they will direct you.


4 -Paper Clutter


Three things will take care of this, a good paper shredder scanner, an external hard drive.  More room, easier to find and less stress.

  5 – Toxic anything

Toxic friends (the Guilt tripper to the One upper), relationships, expired foods, etc

Yep easier said than done but at the end of the day, you are a year older and wiser, time spent on anything toxic (of which you do not enjoy and yes even the ones you do) will not come back. Breathe, enjoy, laugh and welcome new experiences.

Happy New Year!


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