Get your groove on listening to Vinyl Radio!

VR Overlords October 9, 2015 0
Get your groove on listening to Vinyl Radio!

Vinyl Radio listeners have told us they would like to listen more on their smartphones and tablets but are afraid to rack up data cost.

We have a few suggestions on how you can get your groove  listening  to Vinyl Radio while keeping that data cost down.

Tip One:

WIFI is your best friend!   :)

Using your device on WIFI is the most economical way to enjoy your device, even when on a pre-paid plan, using WIFI is FREE and does not go against your minutes. Everything from downloading apps, watching a video, listening to Vinyl Radio or checking your email can be done for free when connected to WIFI.

If you have internet at home or work, then you likely have WIFI. Get the most from your devices not just to stream music but for other data such as email, social media, movies, etc. by not only turning your WIFI on but making sure it’s on auto; so wherever you go  if free WIFI is available you can use it.

 Tip Two:

Use free WIFI away from home.

Did you know some internet companies offer their customers free WIFI outside of home? Indeed they do! Xfinity, CenturyLink and others give you free WIFI in different areas all over the country, usually part of your service (yep, FREE). So, how can you access this nirvana of WIFI? Call your provider, find out what you need to log on and when you are out, look for your provider on your WIFI networks list of any device.

 The downside of WIFI:

There aren’t many but two can derail your experience.

Speed – Depending on location and the WIFI you are on, speed may vary at times enough to make watching a video challenging, at worst a music stream will stop and keep buffering but for the most part as technology moves forward thankfully this is getting better.

Security – Using public WIFI is great but never do anything sensitive such as banking etc while on, make sure all of your devices have solid anti-virus.

Woohoo!! Get your groove going listening to Vinyl Radio anytime, anywhere and not have it cost lots of data, life is good. :)

Different ways to get Vinyl Radio to your ears.

Check out the Listen On The Go section

        - The universal app for all things streaming and podcasting.

Cool factor, most new TV’s and streamers such as ROKU, Amazon TV, Google Chromecast and Apple TV have the TuneIn app as standard; so crank up Vinyl Radio through the TV while cleaning up the house or getting things done. Build a station list, Seattle Sounders Radio, Vinyl  Radio, BBC Radio, etc whatever mood you are in TuneIn has the what you want to hear. Extra cool, not Flash dependent, so you can listen at work! Great for phones and tablets (Windows, Kindle, Nexus etc.) that don’t like Google Play Store.

Vinyl Radio Apps

Android (found at Google Play Store)   iPhone (found at iTunes Store).

Cool factor, yep no doubt we have awesome players. Learn the right lyrics to a song, share a song info or player, get bio on the artist their album review and more. Extra Cool factor, has a sleep timer and alarm clock plus weather and traffic! Slight issue, it’s Flash and you may not be able to use it at work, (Hello TuneIn!).

There are other streaming sites that carry Vinyl Radio, such as VTuner, Streema, Delicast,, Radiospy, Web Radio Central and more.

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