Record Store Day!! Spin That 45 – Vinyl Radio Edition

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Record Store Day!! Spin That 45 – Vinyl Radio Edition

Record Store Day is coming up April 18th and I want to pay homage by showing off treasures from my high school days.

I was and still am a huge fan of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Heart. During high school, I’d had their albums, their 45′s, their sheet music books and 2 of their albums on Picture Disc.

Picture Disc’s have been around, in a more primitive form since the early 1900s. They made some type of resurgence around the 1940s but then really started to become popular in the late 70′s, thanks to record companies bringing them back as a way of promoting albums.

Picture discs were printed, normally showing a artist or band’s logo or album cover on it and sold in limited quantities. Depending on the album, you might see as little as 100 copies of a particular album; one being Toto’s Hydra album. There are only 100 copies of that in Picture Disc form. And I could just kick myself for not having a copy of that particular album. I guess I will have to go on eBay and see what I can do to obtain a copy, since it is one of my favorite albums of all time.

Dreamboat Annie released in 1975 by Heart, was one of my favorite albums at the time when I was in high school. When I saw that the LP was made available on picture disc form, all I could think about was getting a copy. I believe it was just a little bit more then a regular albums cost which I think was about $7.99 at the time, give or take. So this one might have been about $10.99.

Later in 1977, their 3rd release; Magazine was available on a picture disc. Only this one was a limited edition, with printing of 100,000 copies. I had to have it, but I could not afford it. Our local radio station KDES in Palm Springs had a phone contest of being the first caller type a thing.  I guess it was good day for me, because I wound up being the right caller and winning a gift certificate to our local record store.

I still remember the name; Record Oasis and it was in Cathedral City. I could not believe that the gift certificate said “ANY LP” on it. No price limit was on there, so when I took my coupon in to claim my prize, I went right to that album, which by the way, retailed for about $20.00.

With my coupon in hand, I handed it to the person at the counter. . . .they looked at the gift certificate,  said okay and I took it home! I was in shock! I thought for sure they would tell me I couldn’t take it home because it was 1) expensive. At least 3 times more than any album would have cost at the time and 2) the LP was a limited edition.

I have to say being a teenager, I wasn’t really into record collecting as far as keeping my albums in mint condition. My feeling was. . . records were made to be played.  And I played these! And I’m playing them now!

There are pops galore, especially on Magazine! But all those sounds accompanying the music, take me back to a time where I would hide in my bedroom, escape the realities that came along with being a teen and fantasized of one day being a rockstar! LOL!

I love vinyl! I hope that if you are a vinyl lover, you will support your local record stores. If you don’t have a record player or a turntable. . . .get one!

I love records and I have lots to play them on. I have several little record players, a 1970′s JCPenney stereo.  I have my old Technics turntable. But the turntable I am currently using pictured, is my husband’s JVC from his college days. The speaker it is connected to, is a gift from my kids! It’s a Marshall Stanmore speaker! It really cranks for being so small.

Oh, I forgot that I have two huge Kenwood speakers in my garage that I will one day bring in the house and connect  up to my stereo like most of us did in the 80′s when we had a component system! Who remembers those?

I must add that recently I met Founder, bassist; Steve Fossen.

A huge privilege. It was a honor that to receive this as a gift!

Thanks Steve!

Today Steve Fossen is part of a fabulous group called “Heart By Heart.”

In the group are Heart’s original / founding member, drummer; Mike Derosier, Somar Macek, Lizzy Daymont, Randy Hansen and talk radio icon, Bob Rivers.

Make sure to check them out live!

They are incredible!


Anyways. . . get out and support Record Store Day!

Click here for where to go in Washington.

Loretta Sassaman is a freelance writer, music reviewer and an all around music enthusiast as well as a vocalist and musician. Her reviews and thoughts on music can be found on her website Spin That 45. She has contributed to and manages other websites as well as groups & pages on Facebook.

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