Country Music group partner with WA. State Vineyard

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Country Music group partner with WA. State Vineyard

Little Big Town’s wine, “4″

Country Music Supergroup and ACM award nominees, Little Big Town have partnered with Browne Family Vineyards in Washington state.

The group spoke with CBS News’ Jan Crawford, and can be seen at; here is an excerpt:

After years of eating and drinking together, they’re entering a new chapter with their own wine, appropriately named “4.” After all, what goes better with friends than a bottle of wine?

“If you can break bread together, it doesn’t matter, like, what you believe in politics,” Fairchild said. “When you’re doing this and you’re gathered together and you’re listening to music and you’re enjoying company, then it becomes about the food and the fellowship. And we particularly love that.”

“It just feels like it’s coming together. And we’re in this really good stride in our lives. It’s all coming together and flowing together really beautiful. What a great word. Flowing like wine,” Sweet said.

“4” will be available this summer.

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Browne Family Vineyards are located in Walla, Walla Washington, shop and  read more about this local gem


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