CES 2017 Update Tuesday Jan. 10th 2017

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CES 2017 Update Tuesday Jan. 10th 2017

This has to be the absolute BEST CES to date! More of everything and something for everyone. Because I cannot attend the party, again I turn tothe best coverage of  CES by CNET; just click on the toy you want to explore below, again prepared to be WHOA!!!

CES for Jan. 10th

Does the Mac still matter?

Attention cordcutters: Mohu AirWave bundles your local TV channels into handy app form (hands-on)

The Nutrismart kitchen scale recognizes produce and meat and gives calorie counts




The Cool, The Funky, The Must Have

Two events a year make it feel like Christmas (other than Christmas) Record Store Day and CES! The Consumer Electronic Show is the endless rows of shiny fun, funky, are you kidding me?, WOW can they do that and the usual, I WANT ONE!!!, NIRVANA.

Unfortunately this year I could not attend, between a nasty cold and personal things, I have been miserably grounded for this year’s CES as a result, I have been scouring through all articles and blogs CES. The following is an article from CNET on Tuesday, Wed. and Thursday must-see items at CES 2017; be prepared to be WHOA!!!

Tuesday, it’s all about the TV’s, what a $9,000.00 gaming computer looks like and Samsung might have fallen flat with the Galaxy Note 7 but could Samsung’s  FlexWash + FlexDry Laundry System, one of the coolest items put the brand back on top?

Grab a beverage, sit back and enjoy the latest must see at CES 2017 from CNET click here.


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