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What you should know

Screaming Media Entertainment LLC, also known as, Vinyl Radio, is a pretty complex business. Our primary target is to make you, our listener, happy and get you grooving out when you stream our station. We want you to have the easiest access available to the universe so that you can listen to our music anywhere.

Because you’re the most important part of Vinyl Radio, we want to reward you. So listen up!

We do this rewarding thing with contests, coupons, prizes and all sorts of cool stuff. If you win something, we will contact you with all the specifics.

We also have a newsletter which is sent out roughly once every month and could possibly be more as times goes on. This means we need to collect your email address when you opt in. Just like you, we hate spam mail and would never-ever subject our listeners to the spam hounds of hell by sharing this information. You can always unsubscribe as well, but why do that?!

We share concert and event information, which is usually very accurate (read: monkeys as pets), however every now and then concerts change, events get canceled and prices go up. These are things we have no control over. Please don’t hate us if Journey’s ticket prices sky rocket! Always check with your ticketing agent (like ticketmaster.com) before buying tickets and with the official event website for times.

Sometimes we advertise on our website, we know, it’s tragic but it must be done. After all, Greg has a terrible addiction to sound boards and someone’s got to pay for it! We’ve gone far to make our advertising as least intrusive as possible, so you can enjoy Vinyl Radio without being hounded by convulsion inducing flashy banner ads. The law says we need to tell you when content is paid for and it would be near impossible to do that on an individual basis. This means you should always assume that anything being promoted, shared or talked about is paid or trade.

Above all, we want you to feel good about being here and enjoy the music!

Now put on your reading glasses and check out the fine print